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 Our goal is to promote animal welfare and provide the viewer with overall information and resources on animal related issues and activities within Sumner County. The website provides links to various animal related organizations (see Coalition Members page) that provides additional information on their individual operation.

Please view the website pages listed above for resource information we provide. On the "Events Calender" page, which lists animal related events, click on the event listed for additional information on that particular event. If you would like an event posted, please e-mail us with the information,   On the "Animal News & Events" page, we list any "animal happ'nings" and statistics for our county animal control facility.

WHAT IT ISN'TThis site has NO formal connection with the Sumner County Aimal Control facility, which is run by the Sumner County Sheriff's Division of Animal Control. If you are attempting to contact the county animal control, they may be reached on (615) 452-2400 (see the "Animal Control" page of this website for animal control organizations and contact telephone numbers within Sumner County.

This site does not post or advertise lost/found/forsale animals, although we do forward any lost/found information (Sumner County animals only please) to all the shelter/rescue organizations within the county. (Be sure to list a contact telephone number or e-mail address for more information on the animal). If you have lost an animal, please see the "Lost Animal??" page of this website for information to help you locate your lost friend 

This site does not solicit monies or materials, although we do encourage and ask you to support  our local non-profit animal groups whenever possible. On the "Members" page, a direct link is provided to reach each organization's own website where most have a "Donate" button or "Wish List" of materials needed. Support is also encouraged by attending the 'animal related events' .... support the animals and have a good time doing it!!! As a volunteer with several animal groups within the county, I would also encourage you to donate a few hours of your personal time doing the same .... any help you can provide to our continually struggleing non-profits, eithier time, money or materials, is greatly appreciated!!!

CONTACTING US -  mailto:[email protected]. E-mail is checked daily, unless I'm out of town, on the lake or busy doing "honey do's" .... will attempt to answer all promptly. We also maintain an 'e-mail list' and send out minimal updates throughout the month on any pertinent news or animal related events .... if you would like to be added to our e-mailings, let us know. We DO NOT share your address with others/anyone.


Emergency Food Banks: Our Sumner County Humane Society, the Hairy moose Pet Retreat and Safe place for Animals shelters maintains "Emergency Pet Food Banks" for owners who need assistance feeding their pets. DONATIONS NEEDED TO RESTOCK!! (contact the Humane Society at 16 Volunteer Drive in Hendersonville, Hairy Moose Pet Retreat at 123 Big Station Camp Blvd in Gallatin or SPA at 1070 Old Hwy 109 N in Gallatin)(dog/cat food, cat litter)

                                  Sumner County Animals - Fewer Animals


Sumner County currently has an overabundance of companion (dogs and cats) animals, which means we have more animals than there are homes for them. Our coalition shelters normally are full and accepts animals on a 'waiting list basis', taking in animals as space permits.

Since January 2009 through August 2011, the non-profit rescues, shelters and the county animal control have taken in over 13,000 companion animals. The non-profit rescue/shelters took in over 3,000, county animal control took in more than 10,200.

Each year since 2009, we are seeing less animals processed through our county animal control ... 4411 in 2009; 3496 in 2010 and 2300 from Jan through August in 2011. Several factors contribute to this: During the same time period, over 2000 animals were rescued from AC ... most of these were transported out of state ... all were spay/neutered; another 4000 were adopted from shelters ... all were spay/neutered at time of adoption; SSNA (Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance) has provided free transport of over 750 animals to low-cost clinic for alteration and has surgically altered almost 800 in the short time their new clinic has been open. This equates to a total of over 7000 animals that are not reproducing. In addition to those, over 6,100 animals were euthanized through animal control.

With the Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance's new low-cost clinic in full operation, and continued rescues by our non-profits where animals are being shipped out-of-state, hopefully we will see fewer and fewer 'breeding' animals within the county which will help alleviate the current excess population.


Cali's Story:

 One of our celebrity dogs in Sumner County is Cali. You will find her picture on numerous websites and brochures with the caption of, "They trust us to care for them". Cali's proud and loving owners,  Col. Scott Gerblick and his wife Terry, reside in Hendersonville during their 'downtime' from the Army. In November, 2007, they rescued Cali from the Chatham County Pound in Savannah, GA., while Scott was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield. Terry had lost her previous companion, Beulah (another rescue dog), the month before.

At the time of her rescue, Cali was less than a year old, was malnourished weighing 14.1 lbs with some health problems. Terry said she looked so pitiful that she couldn't help falling in love with her at first sight. Today, Cali is a very healthy 45.8 lbs and serves as a model of "rescue dog success" .... well trained & behaved, does numerous tricks and enjoys a two-way loving relationship with her owners.

Whether a rescued animal or a puppy or adopted shelter animal, owning an animal requires commitment on the owner's part. They do trust us to take care of them ... to provide them with food and water, with shelter from the elements, with proper medical care ... to be responsible owners. If you are considering a pet, please consider the "commitment" (and expense) required in pet ownership.


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