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The new Sumner County Animal Control facility opened in June, 2011. It is a 10,000 sf facility that includes a separate Intake areaand adoption center.  The facility was named the "Bob & Connie Barker Animal Control Facility", in memory of our late Sheriff Bob Barker and in honor of his wife, Connie Barker, for their dedication to Sumner County

 Following are the governmental animal control agencies within Sumner County. The county facility serves as the collection point for the city agencies as well as the unincorporated areas for stray animals. Stray animals, in accordance with Tennessee law, must be held for minimum of 3 business days prior to being put up for adoption or euthanized to allow the owner the opportunity to reclaim the animal, unless the animal poses a health threat or is suffering.

Owner Surrender Animals: Sumner County residents only. Contact the county facility. There is no charge for surrendering an animal. Surrendered animals are exempt from the 3 business day holding period.

Strays, abuse or dog bite situations : Contact the appropriate Animal Control agency.

Adoptions: The County Animal Control facility has a new Adoption Center with vetted animals available for adoption ,as well as the Portland facility on a limited basis.


Sumner County Sheriff's Division of Animal Control (County)

1033 Old Union School Road, Gallatin, TN 37066

Hours: Sun-Mon: Closed; Tue-Sat: Intake (owner surrenders) 9a-4p;, Adoption Center: 10a-6p

(615) 452-2400


City of Gallatin Animal Control


 No holding facilities. Animals are transferred to the County facility.


City of Hendersonville Animal Control

(615) 264-5355

No holding facilities. Animals are transferred to the County facility.


City of Portland Animal Control

123 Morningside Dr

Portland, TN 37148

(615) 325-5330

Limited holding facilities. Animals are transferred to the County facility after 3 business days or sooner.



ABOUT SUMNER COUNTY AC: Just some general info to pass on:

Budget - $400,512. For 2014-2015 year, does not include the building expenses (utilities, etc)

Holding times- TN state law says 3 business days, our AC holds for 5 business days unless the animal is sick, injured or aggressive (handled on a case-by-case basis). For animals where the owner can be identified by rabies tag, microchip or other ID the animal is held for 10 days … multiple attempts are made to contact the owner for reclaiming. At the end of the holding period, the animal can be put up for adoption, available for rescue or euthanized. There is no ‘holding time’ for owner surrendered animals … can be adopted/rescued/euthanized immediately.

Adoption Fees - $70 for cats, $100 for dogs. Includes S/N, microchip, heart worm and FIV test and vaccinations. In addition to on-site cat adoptions, cats are also placed with PetSense (Gallatin) and Pet Supermarket (H’ville) for adoption. Adoption fee monies are deposited into the County General Fund.

Reclaim Fees - $50 fee for 1st offense, $75 for 2nd offense. For 3rd offense, $100 and citation issued. Also a $10 per day boarding fee after 1st day. Owner must also provide proof of rabies vaccination. Reclaim fee monies are deposited into the County general Fund.

Donations – Materials suggested as any monetary donations go to the County General Fund, not to AC. Dog food is provided through arrangement with Pedigree. Cat food and cat litter suggested. Any dog ‘treats’ donated must be Pedigree branded.

Volunteer Program – The volunteer program was discontinued in 2012 due to liability concerns of dog bites and disease.



ANIMAL LAWS IN SUMNER COUNTY: The following only applies to county areaseach city within the county may have different city ordinances and if you live within a city limit you should check with your city animal control (Portland, Gallatin or Hendersonville) for their local regulations. Cities may have different regulations/ordinances for cats than dogs

LEASH LAW: The leash law in Tennessee states that a pet dog must be under control of its owner at all times and cannot run at large. A dog can be on its owner's property without a leash, but it cannot stray onto another person's property or out into the street and into public areas. The exception to this law is when the dog is legally hunting or herding (Ss44-8-408).

CHAINS/TETHERING: No restrictions on lengths or type of tethering other than the animal needs to be ‘confined’ on private property and not allowed to ‘run at large’. The owner of a dog commits an offense if that dog goes uncontrolled by the owner upon the premises of another without the consent of the owner of the premises or other person authorized to give consent, or goes uncontrolled by the owner upon a highway, public road, street or any other place open to the public generally. (Ss44-8-408).

PROVIDING ADEQUATE SHELTER:  “Shelter” is defined as having a roof and 3 sides accessible by the animal.

FOOD/WATER: There is no county regulation that requires water/food to be available to the animal on a 24/7 basis. On a case-by-case basis where there may be evidence or suspicion of ‘animal neglect’, an AC Officer will investigate for proper care of the animal.

RABIES TAG: Per State Statute Ss68-8-106, every dog owner shall attach a metal tag or other evidence of rabies vaccination to a collar, which shall be worn at all times by the dog vaccinated; provided, that the collar may be removed in the case of hunting dogs while in chase or returning from the chase.  (Rabies tags also serve as ‘identification’ to possibly track the ownership via the veterinarian who issued the tag).




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